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Updated: Jul 13, 2019

When running a business we know cost can become astronomical. There are ways to keep cost down. If your running a small home based business, there are ways for advertising that doesn't cost a lot. Just to name a couple you have Facebook (free). You can create a business page on fb and use that to advertise your products or services. There is also Instagram (free). Build up a following and things can grow from there. There are other site such as Indeed, Yelp, Google. Do your research and find many ways to advertise for little or nothing.

Marketing Post

Social media is a very vast site to socialize on or promote your business. Want to make your post look like a professional did them. There are free apps and paid apps that will help you achieve this. Canava is a good one, you can use the free version or you can go the paid amount. It is a really good app for making promotional videos and flyers. Another good one is Postermywall I personally love this one it is easy to use and it's free who doesn't love free.

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